Code of Conduct


  1. At all times, staffs are to act promptly, diligently, and in manner which is legal, ethical and reasonable, and which is in accordance with the accepted business.
  2. Staffs must not communicate with the Client’s customers in a threatening or abusive manner.
  3. Staffs are forbidden from any cash/cheque/internet banking collection practice into their personal account. Such as collecting client’s annual fee, service charges, other fees and/or compensation from the Client’s.
  4. Staff must strictly observe and follow instruction from the Clients and the company.
  5. Staff must never copy or duplicate Client customer personal data or information for personal reference or use.
  6. Staff are bound by the secrecy declaration and confidentiality clause, never to disclose any confidental data of Client customer or the Client to third party.
  7. In the event of detection or knowlegde of any dishonest practices within the Company workplace which involves the Service either directly or indirectly.
  8. Staff must not give any false report to the Client;
  9. Staff must never talk to the media, on any of the Client matters, staff are obliged to inform the Company and Client at earlist instances; be it implied or otherwise.
  10. Staff should ensure that all complaints received are made known to the Client and handle promptly and satisfactorily.