100 % Focused

Our core business is to help our clients collecting their past due accounts and bad debts. Our goal is to become an extension of your business and a total Accounts Receivables solution partner.


Risk Free

The way we do it is without posing any risk to our clients, as our business philosophy is simple; No Collection – No Fees basis. There are No Advanced Fees and No Hidden Cost.


Full Program with value added services

We offer full service debt recovery program consist of automated letter generating, skip tracing, extensive phone calls and field visit. In addition, we have an affiliated solicitor who could offer pre-litigation service at no additional cost to you as a value added service offered by us.


Tailored made solutions

We have found that a straightforward, professional approach to debt collection produces far better debt recovery results than the traditional strong-arm tactics. The unique approach and strategy used by our debt collection negotiators produces quicker payment from your debtors. If your debtor is still in business, we feel you have a 90% chance of recovering your money. An account that may seem hopeless may be resolved amicably through persuasive communication and with a voice of reason.


Result Oriented

We operate on a performance-only basis; when we perform, we get paid. Our motivation is to get your money back in your hands, where it belongs. We know that until we do so, we will not be paid. Accordingly, our motivation is propelled by mutual success and is result oriented.

We are looking forward for an opportunity to serve you. We service a variety of industries in the accounts receivables and bad debts collection business :-

  • Commercial – B2B Recovery
  • Banks & Finances
  • Telecommunication & Utilities
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Government & Private Colleges
  • Government & Private Healthcare
  • Hotels & Membership Clubs
  • Printing & Advertising
  • Others


Call us today to take advantage of our debt recovery services and let us help turn time into money for you.