Our Approach


This is a generalized steps of the debt collection process. Regardless of the size of the account, each client receives the same, unparalleled services. However, since some debts are somewhat unique they may not necessarily follow this pattern but an exclusive one.


24-hour Turnaround

Accounts are entered into our system the same day they are placed for collection and automatically matched with any other accounts owed by the consumer. This allows one collector to handle all accounts owed by any consumer and eliminates duplication of effort.


Demand Notices – First to Final

Each new account immediately receives a validated first demand notice. Our letters are professionally written and non-threatening at earlier stage and escalate to much pressure at final stage. Sometimes, just getting notice from 3rd party debt collection agency will prompt the debtors to pay.


Phone Calls

Our primary efforts are focused on repeated direct telephone contacts with the debtors. We use a number of investigative techniques and resources to learn as much as possible about the debtor, and use this information to increase the pressure on the debtor to pay your account. This is the most effective and fastest method of handling collection of debt.

All accounts receive an average of 2-5 day follow up by telephone. Methods such as skip tracing are used at this stage if necessary and we have access to extensive databases that help us trace relocation of debtors and find the contact information needed to reach them. All follow up calls and letters are determined by the collector or a supervisor and based on individual accounts. Often, a quick conversation with us is all that is needed to straighten out a misunderstanding and get you paid.

Most troubled companies do not have resources to pay everyone, so typically they pay vendors who are applying the most pressure. We believe the continuous, escalating professional application of pressure and consistent pursuit is the key to effective collections. Early identification and timely placement of accounts also has a significant impact on collectability as typically troubled companies cash-flow continues to worsen long before it improves.


Field Visit

Sometimes when letters and phone calls still do not get their attention , it is time that the pressure is brought to their doorsteps. A knock on the door is much harder to ignore than a letter or phone call. Through out our experience, debtors who give many excuses over the phone, offer little resistence when confronted face to face. Usually when the debtors are confronted at home or workplace, pressure is brought to a very sensitive level. The reason is, debtors may not want to risk either their employer, employee, neighbours or business associates to learn of their indebtness.


Affiliated Solicitor

If collection efforts by our debt collectors have not achieved the desired results, accounts are then ‘placed’ with our affiliated solicitor. This creates significant additional pressure on the debtor, and this unique feature of our agency has proven to be a valuable feature in our collection process. There is no increased cost for our clients for use of these services. In addition, certain complex collection efforts commence directly with our affiliated solicitor rather than the collection agency.

While our aim is to put much pressure to obtain payment, we will always ensure that our action is in accordance to legal requirement and correct business practice in Malaysia.

While our aim is to put much pressure to obtain payment, we will always ensure that our action is in accordance to legal requirement and correct business practice in Malaysia.


Handling of Debtor’s Cheques

Debtors are advised to forward payment in crossed and account payee cheque or Money Order in favour of our client’s name. The payment will be delivered to client’s office within 3 working days of receipt.


Progress Report

Our Head of Collection Department will provide a monthly status report on the accounts assigned to us for collection. The report format will follow our standard in house reporting unless otherwise instructed by our clients. However, enquiries can be made to us at any time since our collections activities and information are electronically stored.